Intuitive Readings with Colleen Hurley

Colleen uses her intuitive skills to help you gain clarity, enlightenment and direction so you can follow your souls true path. She will help you utilize your needed resources (both internal and external) and so much more. It’s all about helping you be the most empowered “you” so you can and will fulfill your souls purpose. 

Session includes the use of cards, Divine guidance, chakra clearing and alignment for balance and a crystal to keep as a recall for your session.


Click here to buy an online Intuitive Reading session - we will contact you to book a time when receive payment. You can also call the north store 403-375-0585 to book an online appointment, once we have you booked we will send you an online invoice, when you complete your payment your information is forwarded to the practitioner so they know when to contact you.

Intuitive Reading and Chakra Balancing with Colleen Hurley
60 minutes for $125, 30 minutes for $75

Colleen is available for readings at our north location several days/week.  Please call 403-375-0585 to book your appointment.