Peruvian Shaman Reiki

Shamanic Reiki connects to spirit guides, angels & light beings. Shamanic Reiki takes sessions further to connect with the lineages of shamanic healers, ancestors & connect with different energetic planes, spirit allies which help assist us in healing. It is a combination of Peruvian Shamanic healing and Usui Reiki symbols which work with the luminous energy field in a unique way. It excels at healing and clearing energy blocks.  These imprints of pain and trauma are recorded in the shakers and create patterns of thinking, feeling that prevent us from living our full potential. When imprints are cleared, energetic space is opened up. This is available to us for creation and living our best potential.

** Note Shamanic Reiki is not like a regular Usui Reiki session.  You need to be 100% ready to take that step as it digs very deep.**

1 - 2 hour session......................... $100


Nadia Pasztor - Reflexologist, Aqualead, Queldon & Dynastir Master