Angel Card Readings

Angel Card Readings are similar to tarot readings except that your Angels and Guides are the ones guiding you to pick the cards unlike the Tarot where your 'higher consciousness' is picking the cards to have interpreted by the reader. 

So when receiving an Angel Reading you ask your Angels questions.  It can be specific, it can be vague, whatever you like.  You can also just ask the Angels "What would you like me to know today?"  The Angels will answer your question by turning up the cards with the answer.  They will give you guidance and words of love!  

Anyone can receive Angel readings and anyone can give Angel readings.  A tip for you to know when the guidance is coming from the Angels is,  they will never steer you wrong, they will never guide you to do  anything negative!  The Angels are here to guide you and want to help you but can only help if you ask them to.  They are divinely devoted to you. 

So, Have you thought of your question yet? 

30 minute reading....................................$70 
60 minute reading....................................$90 
(you are welcome to bring a recording device to record the session)


Click here to buy an online Angel Card Reading session - we will contact you to book a time when receive payment. You can also call the south store 403-279-9555 to book an online appointment, once we have you booked we will send you an online invoice, when you complete your payment your information is forwarded to the practitioner so they know when to contact you.


Kristyne Dahl - C.Ht., M.H., M.C.  Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Counselor 

*We ask that you please read our disclaimer before booking a reading.

**Please note that as much as we LOVE babies and children we ask that you find childcare for your children when coming to a reading. We have other services happening at the same time in the store such as massage and like to keep the noise level down, and our staff is not able to watch your children while you have a reading, thank you for understanding.