Dietless Life Coaching

Dietless Life Coaching is the life work of Marisa Peer.  This is a life changing, empowering, cutting edge weekly program with coaching, hypnosis,  chapters to read ,and workbook.  The client is guided to transform their relationships with their body and eating from guilt, shame unhappiness to freedom, enjoyment, loving through getting to the root/cause/reason for why they do what they do in eating and body image.  Learning to eat and care for their body in alignment of how their mind and body really work.  

I worked so hard my whole life exercising and thought I was eating healthy but never reaching the goal getting more fat on my body.  That is until I did Dietless Life Program and I reached my goal quite easily over time and still on my journey.  It changed my life in so many ways for the better!!  I am the size now that I was as a teenager and now really give my body the food and care it needs working with how my mind  and body work.  I feel so wonderful in my clothes or naked and feel so happy and peaceful!  And it is easy once you really come to understand and make this lifestyle familiar.  

If you are ready to enjoy eating guilt and shame free because you really understand how your mind and body work, get to the root/cause/reason why you do what you do, to gain control in eating, honor your amazing body and be your true body size and shape?  Contact me for a free 15 minute discovery call to see if this program is a right fit for you.

$600 for 7 weeks individual coaching with hypnotherapy with emailing chapters and workbook 1 hr/ week 


Renee Krizsan - Angel Reader, Reiki Master 

*We ask that you please read our disclaimer before booking a session.
**Please note that as much as we LOVE babies and children, but we do ask that you find childcare for your children when coming to a reading. We have other services happening at the same time in the store such as massage and like to keep the noise level down, and our staff is not able to watch your children while you have a reading, thank you for understanding.